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What? Developer's Workshop
When? Mon 23rd-Tues 24th Nov 2009
Where? Bristol Hotel, Bristol

Fforward with Ffenics (and DataEase)

Turbo-charge your Ffenics & DfW Development Workshops

It's happened. Sorry, you've missed it. Leading DataEase and Ffenics consultant Adrian Jones ran a two-day workshop in Bristol, to explore getting the most out of your Ffenics and DataEase applications.

Everyone who came thought it well worth while, so now's your chance to encourage me to do more of the same in 2010.

We looked at:

  • Recipes for success: how scripting, custom functions, filtering and sorting, nested and side-by-side subforms, styling and more can be mixed together to create dazzling and unexpected results
  • New Controls: the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Styling and code-reuse for efficent development
  • Web-Wibly: What do we mean by 'web-enabling our apps', and how do WebElements, HTML printing and other options help us achieve it?
  • Aspects of Reporting: including a cheat's way to create a cross-tab report

And delegates were exposed to the Looper table, a concept so devious that we can only mention it by name here ... more on that later!

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